Le pass sanitaire n'est plus requis pour accéder à votre centre.

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1. Waste recycled

La Part-Dieu sorts and recycles its waste, limiting the amount of waste that has to be sent to landfill. 1923 tons of waste recycled each year, equivalent to the weight of 1598 cars. 100% of the waste produced by the shopping centre is recycled. 

2. Optimised lighting

La Part-Dieu constantly ensures that it does not waste energy. The electricity savings made by La Part-Dieu since 2012 are the equivalent of the annual consumption of more than 60 households.

3. Smart heating and air conditioning

To reduce its CO2 emissions and the impact of its activities on the climate, La Part-Dieu has optimised and reduced its consumption of energy. The energy savings made by La Part-Dieu since 2006 are the equivalent of the annual consumption of almost 1200 households.

4. Water saved

Water is a precious asset, and La Part-Dieu is committed to saving it as much as possible. Water consumption per visitor at La Part-Dieu has decreased by 17% since 2008.

5. Beehives

With 5 beehives on its roof, La Part-Dieu protects the balance of the ecosystem within the city.. Each year, the honey is given to a different association.